Creates and sendes yours newsletter in little second ones.
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Mailing Express is the simplest and fast software for the management and the shipment of newsletter. Thanks to its simple and intuitiva graphical interface you will begin from endured to work obtaining splendid turns out to us to you.

Perfectly compatible with the Microsoft® products, Mailing Express will allow you to load the messages created with Outlook Express and to send them to the mailing list.

Important characteristics:
  1. Email in format HTML or only text.

  2. Email with images and attacheds.

  3. No limit in the number of recipients of the mailing list.

  4. Shipment messages with SMTP just or without I use it of the Server.

  5. Import mailing list from database, file of text, Outlook Express and Microsoft® Outlook®.

  6. Rescue lists for successes sendes. The lists could be saved on file in order then to be able to recharge subsequently them.

  7. Result in real time of the shipment of the newsletter. Instantaneous diagram on the course of the shipment.

  8. Rescue Account formulations sender.

  9. Account sender limitless you. Possibility to save account sender more in order then to choose them at the moment of the shipment.

  10. Selectable pause between an email and the other. Profit in order to avoid the overload of the mail serveur.

  11. Possibility to set up the TimeOut. If the serveur does not answer within the set up time the software it passes to the successive email without to lose other time.

  12. Possibility of shipment block by block (es. not to send more than X to messages every X minuteren). Useful in order to avoid the temporal block of the most common serveur than mail.